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Streaming in 3.3 fails downloading the first part of video first.


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Before this upgrade, when I chose streaming of a downloading video

what would happen (which was wonderful!) is that the first parts of the video would download first so that streaming could begin before completing downloading the video.

This was the perfect way for how streaming should work

now I upgraded to 3.3 and streaming does nothing special anymore.

I am downloading a 40 minutes chapter, download time is 20 minutes, and it says streaming will be ready in 20 minutes, which is complete nonsense! it means that you have damaged the code which handles the way streaming used to work, it is completely useless the way it is now

completely lost the advantage it had, I might just as well wait those 20 minutes and just use it in my player :/

Is this the way it should be? or am I reporting an actual bug here? (hopefully)

or did you add a possible flag to trigger in "OPTIONS/SETTINGS" for users who liked the way streaming used to work before?

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