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Clicking on file/torrent is more difficult than it should be


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First post - not sure if this is a bug, ui request or feature request. Sorry if this has already been dealt with, but I found it hard to search for.

I find the behaviour of clicking torrents from the torrents list, followed by files from the files list very annoying. Typically, I would do something like this:

1 - Notice that one of my torrents has finished downloading, so I click on it from the list of torrents. This reveals the list of files below (I usually keep the files tab open in the lower portion of the window).

2 - I right-click on one of the files, because I want to use the 'reveal in finder' feature.

3 - All options in the pop-up menu are greyed out, since I didn't select the file with a left-click beforehand. The file line has a blue rectangle around it, but it is not properly selected.

4 - Curse.

5 - Left-click the line for the file that I want. It now turns completely blue.

6 - Right click on the file that I want, see that the options are no longer greyed out, choose "reveal in finder" and all is working as expected.

In my opinion the greyed out pop-up menu is pointless: right-clicking a file should automatically select that line and produce a pop-up menu with selectable options. I can provide a screenshot, but I think my description is enough.

I'm using OSX 10.7.5 on a 2009 MBP. Not sure if this behaviour exists on other systems or just a bug with my setup.

Thanks in advance.

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