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Can vpn still expse your real Ip address?


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This was posted in my vpn provider forum

know that my public ip when i use airvpn is ex. but also shows a private ip address of my torrent client log says it's listening on ip address If i was a troll and had a modified client and i knew the public ip address belonged to a vpn and his client also told the troll the private address of could that be used to match my identity if he went to the vpn or is the private ip also shared among multiple users per session?


It's not possible, the IP address 10... is the VPN IP address of your client, it is a unique address per client per session. Additionally it's not possible for different clients to communicate with each other INSIDE the virtual network.

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if clients do not communicate with each other does that mean that local peer discovery will not work in the torrent client?


PEX works perfectly, peers in the swarm can't communicate with each other INSIDE the VPN, outside the VPN they can do that as usual (and this is one of the important reasons for which our VPN servers have different entry and exit-IP addresses, otherwise peers in the same swarm connected to the same VPN server would start communicating with each other without encryption outside the tunnel and they would be exposed to successful correlation attacks and real IP exposure).

If what the vpn admin said was correct no other vpn that I have seen has ever said that they use an exit ip address or is it just a given that they all do if not does that mean the vpn users that use pex and local peer discovery might be exposing there real ip if they are talking to another peer inside the vpn?

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