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99.5% on torrents with 15-25 Availability


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I have a problem finishing a few downloads.

They are all over 99% done, and all have over 10,000 seeds, and about 2,000 peers. I am connected to at least 20 seeds for each one, and yet I can't get the last bit of the files. They all have at a 15-25 availability ranking, but on the green bar, have a few white bars, in the sea of green.

I am still downloading excess MBs, but not actually receiving anything new.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

Things you might need to know:

OS: Win 7 Pro

Version: 3.2.3

Security: Microsoft Security Essentials

ISP: BT Infinity

Router: BT HomeHub2

I am also running a fixed port, and have set up portforwarding for it on the router. If it helps, I also can't get steam to download anything, although the internet seems to be working fine.

Please ask if there is more info I should've included.

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Since it's several torrents it seems the problem is somewhere on your computer.

Try moving the torrent to another disk if possible. Also is there enough disk space left?

You can also check the peer list for each torrent and sort by checksum error (or whatever it's called in english). That will show you if it's only happening with specific peers.

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