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µTorrent alpha (3.4 build 29315) Problem


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Received the update notice for this version yesterday. When I attempted to install through the update notification I had no luck. Instead, I shutdown utorrent went through the utorrent website, downloaded the update, and manually installed it. Again, no luck. Upon opening the setup file nothing happens after approving to follow through with the secure update. Since then, i have been unable to open utorrent or update to the new version. Utorrent is now idle and unable to do anything. In order to fully stop whatever is happening, i must end the process through Windows Task Manager processes.

Since then, I have gone through my programs list and noticed that the version listed under utorrent is in fact 3.4.029315 so it appears that it did update from the previous version i had but it does not run/open or do anything. I have now attempted to uninstalled the current [non-functioning] version of utorrent (3.4.029315) but again, nothing happens. As of now, I am unable to use utorrent alpha and have had to install the updated µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29333) instead.

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

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