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Hey guys,

so I got a new comp and installed uTorrent on it.

Then I went to pbay to get some new stuff and got a new torrent from clicking on this GET THIS TORRENT link. Ok, the an option pops up with you're about to download something and what do you want to do with it.

( I really do not remember, because I didn't pay much attention.)

I clicked never open these links and never show this option again. I wanted to click always open these type of links and never show this again. So now I cannot activate torrents without manually inserting url to uTorrent. Other words - screwed.

Spent almost an hour trying to find a place to revert it and to choose the other option. I bet it's a really easy place to find it, but I haven't been able to. Google hasn't helped either.

If someone understood it, guidelines would be appreciated.

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