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Set Download Location not working

Trouser Cough

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version 3.2.3 (build 28705)

Recently had to replace a faulty external HDD so had to move all of my torrented content, so as i've done in the past I have gone to amend my download location to allow the old content to be seeded from the new location. This is something i've done in the past without issue. On this version of uTorrent, i'm unable to Set Download Location and successfully seed again.

I go in to Advanced->Set Download Location, select the folder which my content exists in and then do a Force Re-check. It takes a while to do the check (as it always should when the files exist there!), but then says the torrent is 0.0% complete. I've checked in the 'new' folder and the files are always present and correct (ie: unmodified, etc.). In the 'Info' tab, it shows the new download location which i've switched it to. But, if I click on 'Open Containing Folder', it takes me to the 'My Documents' folder, not the download location folder.

This is causing me major issues with Private Trackers, as i'm struggling to maintain my ratios without the ability to seed previously torrented content.

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Found the 'solution'. It appears that in this newest version you no longer choose the actual folder which the files are in (as you did in all previous versions of uTorrent), but the root folder which the folder exists in, eg:

If content files exist in: C:\Big Folder\Album 1\

In previous versions of uTorrent when you wanted to Set Download Location, you used to browse to 'Album 1' and select that as the Folder.

In this latest version of uTorrent, you now have to select 'Big Folder' instead.

Hope this helps someone else out.

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