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Feature Request + Possible Bug


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Dear uTorrent forum,

I currently seed about 500GB of torrents for private sites (all legal), as the sites employ a ratio system. However occasionally as my torrent folder grows to 750GB or more I need to remove some of the torrents I am seeding and move the torrents to a new drive. It is important that I do not remove torrents for which there has been a lot of interest recently, as those are the ones who will get me the most ratio credit.

Would it be possible to have another tab to sort torrents by called "health" or "recent activity" where one could quickly see how much has been seeded in the last 2-3 weeks. That way people could determine strong torrents from weak ones, helping them manage their data.

Secondly, on my mac I have Transmission selected as my default torrent app (not because I like it more, but because otherwise I can't start multiple torrents at once on my NAS). When I now right click a torrent file to download it, I get multiple uTorrent app options instead of just one. I think it is pretty clear from the screenshot what I mean. I can also answer any questions about my mac version/uTorrent version/etc...

Screenshot: http://www.apload.de/images-i226702bbdv4j.png


Edit: just noticed the screenshot was using the old version of uTorrent. However the problem is still the same with the new version. I also noticed the number of times uTorrent appears increase by one. This might mean that old versions of uTorrent are still displayed after an update is applied, I guess I am on my 6th version of uTorrent on my mac now :)

Screenshot 2: http://www.apload.de/images-i226700b9cu1i.png

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