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Very weird thing


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Dear sirs,

I'm very new to utorrent... I installed it on monday.. and everything was working perfectly. When I switched on the computer the follwing day, the icon of the program was disappeared. There was only the icon of the installer (utorren.exe), and something very weird happened: I clicked on it, and it asked me to install it, as a brend new installation, when I clicked on "ok", it opened the program exactly as the day before. I still can't find the icon of the programm itself, and everytime i start it, it asks me to install it, and when i say ok, it opens utorrent as usual... Can you tell me why? and how I can have the icon back on my desktop?

Besides, probably the most weird thing, on the programm list (where you usually unistall programms) utorrent doesn't exist.

I hope I was clear enought.. THANKS in advance.

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