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Torrents not starting


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* EDIT - just noticed a similar post which is already being discussed.

Hi guys, I'm not an expert at Torrents and the likes...so i'll try my best to describe the situation. I'm all out of ideas after scanning through several forum posts.

I recently did a Win 7 clean install, everything been going smoothly since except for my torrent client. With the previous utorrent client I had zero problems (ever!) downloading torrents. Speeds were good and there were rarely any hiccups.

With the latest install, suddenly I'm getting torrents not even connecting to peers. Of the 7 torrents Ive tried to download so far, only 2 downloaded without problems (although at a slower speed than usual). The rest just stay stuck at "0.00% Checked"

If anyone can help me guide me to get this fixed I will greatly appreciate it.

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