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Stuck Connecting to Peers


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Not sure what happened between last night and today but now it seems that I'm 'stuck connecting to peers'.

uTorrent 3.3 has run fine on my system since it was released, running on Win7x64 (legal copy) with COMODO Firewall.

Basically, I had uTorrent 3.3 set to reboot after downloading last night, which it did. I turned it on this morning, queued up a few files and stuck connecting to peers. Off-chance they just weren't seeding (older more obscure files) I tested a very popular magnet link, and a different file that was a normal torrent link, in case it was magnet link related. Waited 20min and no change.

So, did the basic trouble shooting... rebooted the router/modem/computer. Ran a speed test online and getting d/u speeds of 4.92Mbps/0.53Mbps which is full speed for me. Ran uTorrent's "setup guide" and everything worked and passed just fine. Blew away uTorrent from my firewall and re-added it. Blew away dht.dat and dht.dat.old as well. Still nothing. Setup my settings to match the below URL, disabling DHT, and no change. Blew away settings.dat and settings.dat.old, no change. Downloaded current version and ran the installer and nadda.


Not sure what else it may be... been running uTorrent 3.x on this system for months without issue. :/

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Hoped to avoid it but, ended up uninstalling and reinstalling.

Had a number of items in queue and a few with a % done that were stopped, so, had to refind everything and do a check.

Had a few issues, even new items added after the reinstall, would connect to peers then switch to checking and sit at 0%. Had to stop/start/restart a few times to fix it.

That being said, I have noticed a few issues after switching to 3.3, all surrounding the auto shutdown/close/restart... or just closing the program... seems more often than not when I restart uTorrent afterwards, stuff needs rechecked.

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