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UT Crashing Error Balloon system Could not find the Path Specified


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Hi something is happening when I download some DvdRip AVI, 234 MPEG4 files of late UTorrent will go so far maybe only a bit or half way or nearly finished downloading the File and then UTorrent crashes and I have been Getting this "error" Balloon:

Torrent Error [www.Cpasbien.me ] Gangster Squad........

Error The system Could not find the Path Specified (Write To Disk)

and if I restart it, it will keep on happening, Not just on this file but others also. I save all Movie files to H;/AllMyDownloads...... then move them to E:/ MoviesTV.... after seeding and when I try and send them to a USB to play on my PVR I get these other warnings as well when I am Transferring the Files to the USB:

Windows delayed Write H:\$Mft. The Data has been Lost

Delayed Write Failed, Windows was Unable to save Data fF:/File the Data has been Lost

Window's Delayed Write F:\$Mft. Could be Caused by faulty Internet Connection

The F:/ and the H:/ are (2 of 4) partitions on my West Dig 1 Terra External HDD. H is where I download movie to then move them to E;/MoviesTV.... as I write this I have been downloading the Gangster File in UTorrent and I am at 37 % and no "balloon" and it's still going it's weird this morning it crashed at 90% and 6 more times after that when I restarted it it crashes almost instantly Can some one help please I have not got a clue whats wrong but it sure isn't a Virus or worm, seems like something in UTorrent or worse still my Registry. (I have just installed the Latest UT Update) Cheers for now Dazzler

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