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Custom system tray icon missing as of version 3.3


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I've been using a custom uTorrent icon (by placing a main.ico file in the same directory as uTorrent.exe) ever since version 3.0 without issues, until the latest version 3.3 update (stable 32-bit build 29462), when the system tray icon started disappearing.

Instead of minimizing to tray per my settings, uTorrent simply disappears, although it is running just fine in the background (transfers don't stop, and I can see it listed as running in Task Manager and the window shows up when I relaunch the program).

I'm using uTorrent as a standalone/portable app (the settings.dat and other DAT files in the same directory as uTorrent.exe) and my operating system is Windows XP Professional 32-bit (last updated January 2013).

It's not a serious issue, but I hope it gets fixed soon. I really hate the version 3 default icon. Everything else I love about uTorrent, it's closer to perfect than the best commercial software. Thank you.

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