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µTorrent Forum Helpful Links, Rules, and FAQ


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Hello, and welcome to the µTorrent forums!


1) Useful Links

2) Forums Rules

Useful Links:

Check out the Official µTorrent FAQ for answers to common questions.


1) For trouble with the µTorrent program itself, check our Troubleshooting forum.

2) For bug reports, visit our Bug Report forum.

3) For issues of torrent speed, availability, and connection issues, check out our Speed Problems forum.

For assistance or troubleshooting for µTorrent Plus, please visit our µTorrent Plus support center or get in touch with our support team. We do not handle Plus-related support on the forums.

Advanced Links:

µTorrent command line options

BEncode Editor (useful for editing and viewing .torrent files and .dat files)

How to run µTorrent on Linux

uTorrent Remote Apps for Android, Windows Phone, and Remote Web (for any device with a web browser, including iOS).

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µTorrent Forum Rules

Hello and welcome to the µTorrent forums! We have a few rules and requests that will help keep things running smoothly around here.

  • Be nice and be polite. No trolling, no flamewars, no offensive languages or pictures if you please.
  • Stay on target, stay on topic: this forum is for discussion of µTorrent and the BitTorrent ecosystem in general.
  • No spam.
  • Please do not link to external sites that contain illegal or copyrighted content, including .torrent files, torrent search engines, or any similar sites. In addition, please refrain from discussing illegal content, torrents, or websites that offer either. You are welcome to link to legal and freely available content and torrents.
  • If you are posting an image of your uTorrent client, please make sure to blur or delete the list of your torrents.
  • Please do not post or ask for older versions of uTorrent. We will only troubleshoot current versions of the software.
  • Please search the forums before posting a new thread. Many topics have already been discussed in threads here, so do a search to see if there’s already a relevant thread before you submit an entirely new post.
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