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100% disk overload freeze (UT 3.3)


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Having a lot of trouble lately with Disk overloads, after leaving Utorrent on for an hour or so it stays at 100% disk overload and stops my download to 0.1-0.2 kb/s, this continues until i restart Utorrent then it works for another short period of time before running into the same issue.

While its at 100% stopping all my torrents does nothing to fix it, the buffer doesn't move at all, seems to be frozen but the client is still 100% responsive, it just never clears the cache. I'm not running anything else in the background and its downloading to a different drive than my OS/system files, it should be the only thing accessing it.

Running the latest version, I have not touched any of the cache settings but I've heard rumors of tweaking them can help resolve issues, I'll post my current settings.


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