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uTorrent 3.3 29533 Still stuck at Checked 0.0%


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Hello :)

Well, looks like the build version 29462 fixed the "Checked 0.0%" bug, but it's still happening to me.

I updated to the latest version, and since that I cannot download more than one torrent from magnet link. It get stuck, not checking or whatsoever.

I'm using 64bits Win 8, uTorrent 3.3 build 29533.

The downloads are OK, one of the magnet link can be downloaded, but all the following are not available.

It's still a bug? What can I do to get it fixed?


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Same problem, Windows 7 64-bit, uTorrent 3.3

Upgraded to the 3.4 Alpha and problem solved. If you don't want to run the Alpha build, just exit and reopen uTorrent and it will start downloading one of your torrents each time you close and reopen (at least it did for me). This might be a useful trick if you just need to download a file or two at a time until they put out another update.

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Workaround (using uTorrent 3.3)

Open the magnet link, wait till stuck, delete item, use the cached torrent file.

If you're not sure where the cached torrent file is, goto: Options --> Preferences --> Directories

After doing so myself I will now upgrade to 3.4a

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This little fix helps me... sometimes.

from the Windows program list, type and start the RUN program, paste; %AppData%\uTorrent

Then delete the resume.dat file from the folder.

close torrents, then restart Torrents and they should start downloading all the files that were stuck on checked 0.0%

I found this on some other forum, but am looking for a better, more permanent fix.


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