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Setting upload to other than unlimited severely slows download


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Hi all

Have just upgraded to 3.3 build 29533. Since we have such rubbish "broadband" where I live (it's ADSL - so max 900kb/sec up, 5-7MB/sec down) I often need to tweak the upload to something like 30 or 40kb/sec so that other things I'm doing don't get even slower than what they are.

I note today that I was cruising along with 400-500kb/sec (which for me, is really good - groan) when I noticed that I hadn't limited the upload. The second that I changed the upload limit from unlimited to 25kb/sec, the download totally bottomed out and then eventually stopped. I set the upload back to unlimited, and the download slowly worked it's way back to between 100 & 200kb/sec. I spent a few minutes trying various other upload limits, but the only one that actually gets the download working to anything even approaching useful (by my ADSL rubbish standards) is unlimited. I've always "throttled" my uploads in the past - what's changed?



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