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Request: RSS feed Expansion


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(Unless I am doing something obviously wrong with the latest version...) it seems that there are no settings to tell Utorrent to keep "all items" in a RSS feed, rather than displaying the "latest 20" and then ignoring the earlier items (unread, until marked read).

The only online reference I can see dates from several years ago, when it was said to be a "feature" of the feed one uses and the solution was "check several times a day" (!) which doesn't help when one is sleeping or travelling. Other (regular) RSS feed readers manage to cache the items, so I can go away for a week and there are hundreds of entries. Selecting what one wants in advance is not a solution either when one might not know what is coming :)

So would it be please possible to have a user option added into the stream or even, if necessary, a hidden preference file/edit some patch to allow this. Everything else works (for me, at least) well and then I can access with the remote option when away to select items to download etc.

If I have missed some other discussion, due to the incorrect use of search terms, I apologise and welcome pointers to help resolve this nirvana.

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