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Thank you for creating uTorrent


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A big thank you to the brains behind uTorrent.

It is a very useful way to download data when you are to impatient to wait for the release date, I'm over 50 now so I can be an impatient old lady if I want LOL :P, plus when you finally buy the item you know exactly what you're getting.

In addition it can be faster & easier to d/load the AVI version of the TV shows/movies I own than it is to convert them from the DVD. [i've heard a whisper that you're not really meant to do this but it is the same principle as when I used to copy my old vinyl LP's to 8-track so that the records don't get damaged and it is much easier to highlight an entire season of a show than to keep swapping discs - again I quote the 'impatient & damaged old lady' excuse. The fact that I still remember '8-track' & 'reel to reel' proves how old I am ROFL :lol:]

Thank you again for sharing uTorrent with the world.

{& before anyone comments about my nick-name belonging to some-one else as I often hear - I inherited it from my mother who was in the pommy army and a she is 84 I think I can show precedence ROFLOL.}

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