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So very slow, help


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Ok, first of all, please assume I am 5 years old when you explain things.

Just checked my speed a few times, came in at 40-50 mbit/s.

My downloading speed at uTorrent however, is usually around 4 kb/s. Downloading the same file as my (Windows using) friend. She had hers in an hour (internet speed 10 mbit/s), mine has been going for 1,5 hours and currently has 6 hours to go!

Since she has Windows we couldn't compare settings. Please help. Going crazy here.

E t A: using latest version.

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First, what color is that little dot at the bottom right? If it is not green when you have an active connection, then you need to check your port forwarding (i.e. red means nobody in the "swarm" can see where/how to connect to you). If it is green, then continue to read:

1. You have tested your speed as considerably faster than your freind's.

Why is yours faster? Different service providers? Different kinds of service (i.e. cable/DSL)? Time of day variation?

The ISP service can affect your speed --- some connections are shared (cable) and *your* actual speed may vary moment-to-moment due to other people riding the same cable. Some providers "shape" known torrent ports/ streams as a general practice, or will kick in limits if they see a usage higher than some secret number. You can search the web to find out if your ISP does the "shaping/throttling" thing.

2. Are you and your friend really using the same torrent? Or possibly different torrents for the same show?

3. Are you and your friend using the same trackers (related to using the same torrent)?

4. Do you and your friend have comparable reputations reported to the trackers? (membership level/qualifications for private trackers). Some will look at your ratio, some will consider how long you have been seeding an item with low ratio, some will reject your software -- or even your address for a while if a spammer/problem user has come from your ISP address block. Some *user* level programs will not share with those with poor records.

5. What is your encryption setting? Some choose not deal with unencrypted traffic ---

6 Are you impatiently hitting your "update tracker" thing? Many will put your request at the end of the cue, if you are banging them with pesty refreshes --- or silently quit serving you, period.

In other words, there are many variables out there. Patience -- and if you don't have any of that --- you know the options. ;)

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We downloaded same torrent at the same time. Different internet providers though, yes.


Where do I check encryption? I see "outgoing encryption", is that what you mean?

Also, under Preferences / BitTorrent, I found "Global limit" and "Per torrent limit". What should my settings be?

Speeded up now, to all of 150-ish kb!

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