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v3.3 build 29544 - many weird issues.


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Sorry for my english.

I don't know what the hell is happen, but since my utorrent updated to v3.3 build 29544, is broken. I've never had problems with utorrent, until now.

If I pause all torrents, close the program, then start it againg, active torrents on the list doesn't start automatically, everything is stopped. So when this happen, there is no identification of how complete torrent is (there is only "finished" and "stopped 0%"). But there is more of that, status could be completely messed up, once, when I start utorrent I saw couple of torrents having status for example 99%, 76%, 34%, 3% complete, but when I closed utorrent, and start it again, it goes back to "finished" or "stopped 0%".

And thats not over. When I add torrent, it automatically takes up space on disc, even if I didn't start it (besides, I've disabled option to reserve space on the disk). And this is totally random, once, when I add 10GB torrent it reserves 10GB space, other time when I add 4GB torrent it reserves 500kB.

So... what... what just happened?

Before and after update, I DIDN'T:

- install or uninstall any software

- install or uninstall any hardware

- modify (on my own) register, utorrent etc.

- there was no hardware failure


Everything worked well. Untill v3.3 build 29544 arrive.

My PC:

Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit

Sorry for my english.

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I am having the same issues as devic45 has described since installing utorrent 3.3 build 29544, I have not changed any software or hardware, my PC is also running Windows XP pro 32 bit. I had no problems with utorrent 3.2:

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