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Not Connectable Help!


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I went to continue downloading a torrent that was great, had around 140 seeds and 50 peers, and I previously had a download speed of around 600kb/s. But today for some reason, It's super slow, and I noticed a message that said: Not connectable, A firewall/router is limiting your network traffic you need to open up a port so others can connect to you. First off, I have a static ip set up, exceptions in firewall for two different ports (one is a back up I made) and I just checked, and ran the utorrent test, and it says my port is open, but the not connectable didn't go away. So I made a new port (second one mentioned above) tested it, and Utorrent said port open. So I don't know what the problem is here. I could use some advise.

I do have an idea though. So I have an ISP (Dishnet/Hughes network systems) which I have researched, and learned that has a Fair Access Policy, and throttles. So I ran the Glasnost test for bittorrent to check if those sneaky rats were throttling me. The Glasnost test for throttling said they weren't so I guess I'm gonna need help figuring out whats going wrong xD. Any help would be greatly appreciated :).

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