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No connected seeds on brand new torrents


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Hi, I've had this issue a few times, but only with brand new torrents uploaded say less than an hour before.

The problem is I connect to lots of peers but we all seem to hit a certain % and then crawl along.

eg: currently this torrent is 2 hours old: downloaded 43%; seeds 0 (233), peers 262 (2206) ; availablility 0.442.

I joined it at 39mins old and connected to peers only with availability of 0.2, I got the 22% at max speed and then it dropped.

speed fluctuates between a few kB/s and about 160kB/s.

My question is why aren't more pieces being DLed to the group of peers I am connected with? As a brand new torrent I doubt all the seeds are disconnecting straight away. It looks like my peers group (10% of the peer swarm) is only connected to a couple of peers/seeders with different pieces. Is this just normal behaviour?

even with only 100 actual seeds, 10 groups of peers could have 10 seeds each, uploading 50MB each to finish the torrent for everyone in about 10 minutes, yet ETA is currently 2.5 hours, and bitorrent should be using a much more effective algorhythm than the simple thing I just described

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