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Possible bug with vlc and windows 8


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[update: Solved issue]

Im using Windows 8 Pro and when i open a video file within uTorrent and the program set to play the file is vlc the files video output is just pink however the audio track plays fine.

This doesnt happen when i open the same file from its actual path. This also doesnt happen when i open the file from within uTorrent using Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic. Those are the only other video programs i have tried so far.

I have the latest ATI video card drivers installed. I also have the latest version of vlc however this has happened with every vlc update since setting up the new version of windows.

This was never an issue with my last OS (windows 7 Enterprise).

Im going to be installing a new version of windows 8 pro onto an ssd in the next couple weeks, whenever it arrives. I'll keep this topic updated on if it still happens.

If anyone has any questions about my system that might help out please ask away.

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