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Not uploading among other things.


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My current version is uTorrent 3.3 (build 29544) 32-bit (on a 64 bit system)

Ever since I updated to a new version of utorrent, a couple of weeks ago, it has been behaving annoyingly. First thing I noticed was that it didn't always delete the corresponding files from the directory location when I would click "Remove And > Delete Data". It used to always delete them from the directory this way. I check the number of files in the directory folder before and after I "Remove And > Delete Data", in that way I can tell if the correct amount of files have been removed. But recently it has been sometimes doing it and sometimes not. Anyway I can delete the files manually so this isn't too big of a problem.

The main problem is, today, it hasn't been uploading as normal. I accidently put my computer to sleep while utorrent was still uploading, then when I logged back in the uploads wouldn't start up again. So I exited utorrent and restarted my computer. Then, when I turned on utorrent again, the upload would go up over 40kB/s when I'd set it on the scheduler to light green limit of 24kB/s upload, then, after about 5 minutes it dropped back down to 0.2kB/s and has stayed around there ever since. It has never exceeded the set limit by more than ~0.5kB/s before, and even when it did that time, it didn't show any amount of upload speed on any of my torrents in the "Up Speed" column, which has never happened before either. Now, none of my torrents will start uploading.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

[Next day] It's uploading as normal today. So, maybe it was just a problem with the host site?

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