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A Notre to Developres - II


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Original topic, by Tavio:


Thank you for installing this Conduit shit on my pc EVEN THOUGH I UNCHECKED THE FUCKING CHECKBOX that asked me if I wanted to be totally fucked in the ass by an aids infected family of giant gorillas.

I hope you all die.


My answer...

In my experience for more than 10 years as webmaster, I know that it is not easy to maintain a site, and I suppose that it is worse to maintain a great software. They need to manager site, development, economic problems, excess of traffic due to download; there are spammers, virus, spywares, lot of emails asking questions, many times site is down, there are offensive content in emails and posts and other kind of people anoying.

And the worse, after some time many people begin to think that they are the owners of the program and of the site and that the real owners are there just to serve them! And when some problem appears, the site owner become a psicologic sparring of some frustrated users, that send their frustrations on the owner of the site, as some offensive post, usually using a fake nickname !

My experience only.


You can delete this topic if you wish, but I think that a third opinion was important...

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I can totally get that.. I've heard a lot of people complaining about the whole malware thing and telling utorrent to "get it's act together" as though we are all paying for the program and the developers somehow owe it to us. Obviously they don't owe anything to anyone.

i think it's pretty hard to argue that the language surrounding the installation of the toolbar is deliberately misleading. If it was straightforward I don't think you would have had the blowback which has been had. I think it strains credulity to suggest that everyone who installed the toolbars and didn't want them are somehow idiots. There was trust and it was abused. *shrug*.

That being said, this is a company that's trying to make a profit. It's not easy to monetize stuff like this. It's amazing how entitled users of free software seem to be sometimes. I don't know if it's just that, entitlement, or if it's a sense of betrayal; trust being betrayed which has caused all the outrage. Honestly, I think it's the former. Most good software which goes this way turns up like this. I still use utorrent. My girlfriend inadvertantly installed all of this crap and I had to waste like 45 minutes uninstalling it all. It definitely was not straightforward and it was designed to be that way. But then again... I have an excellent bittorrent client which I didn't pay anything for. I guess that was just the "cost" of doing business.

I think sometimes people forget there are humans on the other end of the keyboard. Methinks that if people had to say things to other peoples faces they'd be a little less horrible and threatening.

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