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Smart Feed Downloading

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I am having a bit of a problem. I'm running uTorrent v1.8.4 for Mac OS X, I'm on Mountain Lion. I have added lots of feeds but for some reason, when I add a new feed it pops up with unread items (lots of course) but they don't get put into the download queue. I have a smart feed that encompasses ALL of my feeds (since I want them all to auto download) but I can't find two things...

For one, I can't find any setting anywhere for how often uTorrent refreshes the feeds. For two, I can't find any rhyme nor reason to when a new feed item (like when I add a new feed or manually update a feed) gets added to the smart feed and thus a download is started.

I have noticed that if I edit the smart feed properties (even if I change nothing) when I hit OK it adds TONS of stuff from all the feeds, even items marked as unread - which I wouldn't think it would add - but the rest of the time it seems to just sit there.

Can someone please help me? I'm sure I've just overlooked some important bit of information.


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