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Windows completly freezes


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I have used uTorrent for many years now and a few days ago I reinstalled my windows. I installed uTorrent again and I tried to download something. When it starts downloading it runs normal, but after a while (a couple of minutes) my Windows completely freezes and I can't do anything until I restart my computer with the on/off button.

I checked my systems RAM but nothing was found. Also I have tried running it as admin but this didnt work too.

I never had problems with uTorrent before and before I reinstalled my windows I hadn't update my uTorrent for a while, I don't know if that makes a difference?


- Windows 7

- uTorrent v3.3 build 29625

- Isp= Ziggo (netherlands)

- My firewall is on and I have Microsoft Security Essentials installed, but even without MSE the problem occurs.

Please help.

Thanks in forward.

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