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WebUI and multiple download directories?


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I've been using µtorrent for windows up until now, and mostly I'm using the WebUI. And now I've switched to mac.. (using the latest stable release)

but im missing one crucial function!

On the windows client i could add multiple download locations in the settings so when adding a torrent thru the WebUi i could choose one folder for like music, and one for programs.. or whatever. (and also manually type/add a subdirectory)

But i just cant find it on the mac client..

I see in the WebUI/"Add torrent pop-up" that there actually is options for it, but as i said, cant find it in the settings of µtorrent for mac.

So, is this a missing feature on the mac client or am i just blind?

If it in fact is possible to add multiple download directories for the WebUI then please tell me how.


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