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Bizarre, Troubling, and Frightening - has anyone seen this before?


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Okay, I'll try to be brief.

The last two times I have downloaded content through utorrent, via piratebay, the download included an extra file which was NOT selected. In the first case, I selected disc 1 and 2 of a 4 disc movie, and the 3rd file was downloaded - but when played, it did not play the actual content, but a grainy portion of the TV show Game of Thrones, which I happen to be a fan of.

The second time, I downloaded a completely unrelated content, this time the first 3 episodes of a tv series from 2012, and the download file had a 4th file, also labeled as the 4th episode of the series, but when played in blc media player, not the downloaded content again! -- this time, an AUDIO file of a chapter in a Game of Thrones audiobook, specifically the fourth book in the series.

I don't understand how this could have happened by coincidence.

On top of all that, this all started during the first download I mentioned - about half way through my computer crashed, rebooted, checked disks, and I continued the download. When it completed, I realized there was the problem.

Is there a technical explanation for this? Has anyone heard of it before? It seems too bizarre and controlled to be technical, it feels like someone is manipulating my files somehow.

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update: Just to experiment further, I reinstalled utorrent. Picked a random series to download, downloaded only the first episode from the full series magnet, and wala, the downloaded folder contains the first 2 files - the second file, labeled as epi 2 of the full series, is actually... Game of Thrones. The only possible connection seems to be that these are (probably) files that had previously existed in the target path folder I have set for utorrent. But how on earth could utorrent be downloading unselected files, and linking those files to older files already deleted from my downloads folder.

Gna keep experimenting...

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