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Remote add torrents without creating a subfolder


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Hello everyone.

I was wondering if there is any method for remotely adding torrents and specifying their directory without creating a subfolder per torrent? From the searching and tests I've done there seems to be no way to do it through the standard interface of utorrent remote or webui.

I've briefly looked through the webui code, and it seems to at one point pass the directory though a query string and was wondering if possibly a modification to that could allow a torrent to be added without a subfolder? My knowledge of javascript is pretty limited. While I'm sure I could make the changes if it would work, it would be nice to get some insight from someone more familiar with it before I go chasing a solution which may not even be possible in the current build.

Alternatively I found the list of console commands for utorrent which would be simple to run remotely and allowed you to add new torrents (with ftp to transfer the .torrent files over)., The post was several years old and once again didn't list any way to disable this function so I thought maybe the commands may have been changed slightly with the introduction of the "create subfolder" checkbox.

A global solution would also be acceptable, but my searching says that one is probably not available at the moment. Maybe there's just something simple and I've completely managed to overlook it?

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