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utorrent and theRenamer


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Hey everyone...This has nothing to do with utorrent directly but i will take any help i can get.

I have a fully automated procedure through the use of utorrent/rss/batch files/therenamer/YAMJ/sub downloader and everything is working perfectly to the point that i wake up in the morning and my series are waiting for me in my media player.

The only "problem" i have and i would like to take care of is when utorrent downloads a PROPER or REPACK for a torrent. In this situation, theRenamer does not replace the original file with the "proper" one. I know it's a limitation of theRenamer and already asked for this feature to be included in future versions, but does anyone in a similar position as me have found a solution for this? Maybe through the use of batch files?

Any help is appreciated.

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