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Relocating files on network share


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Windows 7 64bit, µTorrent v3.3 build 29625 32bit

µTorrent is running on local drive D:\ and is loading torrents to X:\ which is a mounted network share.


Clicking "relocate..." yields the save as window as usual. But selecting a different path doesn't change anything. The path / filename in the files list stays the same. The programs seems to continue running as usual, except it suddenly needs more cpu. After closing the program normally, the process µTorent.exe in the Windows task manager is still there. Before the program can be restarted, the process has to be killed manually.

This problem doesn't appear, if X:\ not a network share, but a normal local drive.

Maybe this belongs to "Bug Reports", but I wanted to check here first, in case the error is on my end.

Any help is appreciated.

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