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Tracking already downloaded files is broken


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DreadWingKnight - I know you from ancient times ;). It's a very big problem with this bug. The description is this: I never create any subfolders for multiple file torrents, for adding new updated torrents and for the recheck previous files which have been downloaded. What happens ? If you delete previous torrent with data, means all previous downloaded files, the new updated torrent doesn't check the existence of files immediately. It does after a while, and then you can force recheck. However, sometimes it happens, uTorrent doesn't see the previous downloaded files, no matter that they exist. What happens next ? You start downloading the same file, and it can not save it, because it exists already. uTorrent leaves it with ut! extension and wastes a disk space. So, all torrent management goes to nothing, you still have to do that manually. Also, the last bug is this: torrent was completed, just do reboot without closing uTorrent, After the reboot it starts downloading the same file and saves it as ut! as well, creating duplicates.

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