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Disk Stats read graph problem/bug

Doc Emmet Brown

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Hi there :)

Reinstalled my Win7 more than 2 years ago. Installed last version of uT by that time. Used and installed automatic updates only since then (actual version in use: Hadn't performed any uninstall/reinstall either.

About 6 months ago (maybe more), "cache reading" stats (dark red line) in "Bytes Read - Time" graph started to show 0 activity. "Number of Reads - Time" (top right) graph was showing both "cache reading" and "file reading" stats properly. Since one of the last/two updates, "Number of Reads - Time" graph stopped to show "cache reading" stats (dark red line) also :/


Not sure if a clean install would help. Decided to ask first. Thanks in advance :)

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I find the same problem, the cache reading line (dark red line) doesn't display in 3.3.2 build 30260 (the newest stable version), but in 2.0.4 build 22967 (or 2.2.1) and 3.4 Beta build 30304 the line displays normally, there are three pictures:

μTorrent 2.0.4 build 22967:


μTorrent 3.3.2 build 30260 (the cache reading line (dark red line) doesn't display, the file reading line displays well):


μTorrent 3.4 Beta build 30304:


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Hm, looks like they "improved" ( :rolleyes: ) caching and corrected those graphs. Thanks for the heads up. Will try stable 3.4 build later then, let's see if it will perform better than 2.2.1.

PD: that 2.0.4 caching is really bad lookin' :/ Too many reads from file. 2.2.1 is much better IMO (check "reads from cache" vs. "reads from file" ratio)

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