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smart list read/unread status?


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I'm having trouble understanding how the read/unread status works in smart lists.

I have an RSS feed set to a URL on on KAT.

I have a separate "smart feed" filtering that (with no filter) and the smart feed is set to

auto download. That's what I understood was the right way to autodownload a feed.

I frequently see items in both the regular feed and the smart feed which

show up as "unread" (blue dot, bold font). How often does UT check for new


I have UT configured to move torrent files to a different directory after the download

finishes. Not sure if that makes a difference? Should I worry about what happens

if KAT advertises the same torrent twice in it's RSS feed?

I'm using a feed tied to my account on KAT, which collects the files uploaded

by the specific users that I have tagged in my KAT account. Not sure if that's


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