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Error: Former volume not mounted

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Some information:

- utserver is installed in the /opt/utorrent/ directory.

- In the settings the torrent files are stored in /opt/utorrent/data/

- And downloads (dir_root) is moved to here: /home/download/

- The /home mount is 1TB partition, ext4, mounded & working (fstab/mtab)

- The / mount is a 5GB sized partition, just for the Operating System

- Using utorrent-server-3.0-ubuntu-10.10-27079.tar.gz

Things I've tried:

- To avoid permission errors, I've tried to run utserver as root.

- Made a symlink inside /opt/utorrent/storage to /home/download/ and changed the directory to ./storage

- When I change the directory to "./" or "./download_dir/" it works

- Tried other systems


Every time when I start a torrent i've got this error in the ut.log

"Former volume not mounted"

Also when I moved the utorrent server directory to /home even "./" as download directory did not work.

So I think it has something to do with the /home mount.

The torrent file is visible in the /opt/utorrent/data/name.torrent so that part is OK. But it won't start.

It used to work before (older version?)

Someone an idea what it could be?

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Same problem here, similar situation.

Interestingly, if I run utserver with the mount as the cwd and don't set the "move torrents" options, it downloads to the mount just fine.

EDIT: I think actually that's a mistake, it never downloads to my NTFS mount

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