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The rating system sucks, :mad:

Comments are helpful when people use them but the stars are the most useful.

They just need to be categorized...

Make a rating for download, quality / if/not whatever downloaded works...

It just sucks rating a file early because the dlownload speed sucks or how the result came out.


Download Speed: 3/5 Stars:

How fast was your transfer rate? 2MB/s or KBps - How long did it take? Movie in 1 Hour or 5

Movie: 1 Star Cam/TS Crap - 2 Stars R5 - 3 Stars WebRip - 4 Stars 720p - 5 Stars 1080p

Music Quality: 5/5 Stars

How many KBS, 320 5 Star or if it's junk... 1

App works: 5/5

Virus: 1/5 crack/keygen works: 5/5

I guess establishing an accurate, useful system will have to explained in a pop-up on initial opening of the updated software but it'll be a great tool.

Something of the sort... I realize it must fit in the small rating box but a better system must be established. A query in the ratings tab and an overall can be up in the progress line...

These are just some thoughts, you guys will figure it out.

Hope I see an implementation on this. Try it in a beta, see if users use it.

If it is coded and the community rates the files it'll gravely improve the quality of torrents and give us a better experience within the BitTorrent/uTorrent Community.

Please vote/comment on this if you like the idea, Thanks

Have a great day and/or night and happy pirating matee! :D

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