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Slow and bizarre P2P behaviors


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Hi everyone.

My P2P softwares (Vuze & µTorrent) began to behave oddly. Everything began one week ago, I was downloading something very huge (~80GB) @1.5M/s, then during the download (in µTorrent) the speed dropped to 30K/s. I rebooted my router & modem but the problem did persist. I, thus opened Vuze and continued the download for about one hour, until the exact same thing occurred in Vuze as well. I used a Linksys WRT54G until yesterday. Today I changed my router to a Netgear R6250, now my P2P download speed average ~150-300K/s (I have a 20Mbits connection), no matter from which website I download the ".torrent" file.

The strange thing is, it only happens on my computer, I use OS X but even if I use Bootcamp to run Windows 7, the exact same thing happens. This problem does not happen on the other computers on my network--only mine.

Please someone help me, I am going mad.

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