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Because the bug of encoding

(see: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=142476)

I wrote a php program as proxy, to fix the wrong filename encoding.

I input my program's address in "Web Seeds", apache return 302 and redirect to the real download address.

problem below:

1 The ip address in Peers tab is, it should be the real download webserver's ip, utorrent 3.32 has no this problem.

2 The filename in Logger tab is messy code. utorrent 3.32 only display the directory name so it has no this problem again.

3 The web seed url is like http://www.sample.org/s/1rEUYn.

when stop and start torrent, "HTTP invalid URL" shown in Logger tab.

I have to restart uTorrent, then it can continue download.

4 I use same torrent and same web seed url, uTorrent 3.4 can finish 100%, 3.3.2 can't finish, only show many "FAILED HASH CHECK" in Logger tab.

5 "Web Seeds" box doesn't remember what i inputted, when restart utorrent.

6 A multi files torrent, it has only one file in one directory, uTorrent doesn't send directory and filename,

uTorrent visit http://www.sample.org/s/1rEUYn , not http://www.sample.org/s/1rEUYn/dir/filename.mkv

other log, may be helpful

B0rked reason: content-length (65536) does not correspond to the requested length (131072)

Disconnect: content-length (18446744073709551615) does not correspond to the requested length (16384)

log when finish download :

x.x.x.x did not pick any blocks. blocking peer temporarily

Disconnect: Is seed

feature request:

"Web Seeds" input box supports ctrl+A to select all.

version info:

uTorrent 3.4 Beta build 30255

uTorrent 3.3.2 build 30180

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