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Help on RSS Tutorial


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Hi all,

New here, but have been using utorrent for a long time, as before now i was getting single torrents from a torrent site (now recently closed down & i dont know yet if i can mention names?:() but have recently discovered rss & dont have to go anywhere now, as it downloads for me automatically, & would like to know if there's a video on the rss reader tutorial as some of the wording i dont understand.


Before that i have used most of utorrent's ideas as i've used labels on the files as i like to keep files in order including when inserted into utorrent it ask for the file's location, i'd use CTRL+V if it had multiple files to locate in folders. But since i've found the rss to use in the Rss Downloader, i'd like to know on how to use it to its full capability.

Thanks for any tips provided, as it will help a lot,

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Here's where i'm stuck on the wording on the rss tutorial

The alternative method to automatically download specific releases is to right click on any feed or "All Feeds" and choose "RSS Downloader," or press Ctrl-R. This will bring up the "RSS Downloader" dialog.

Hit Add, then type the name of the favorite.

Click on the editbox next to Filter: and add your filter. The allowed wildcards are * and ?

Multiple filters can be entered by separating each one with a |

An example of a filter you could use would be *MP3 Archives*

If you have a strange feed using underscores or something besides periods, you can also try something like *Go?Open*

Do not specify an episode or season number here. This will break the filter. Use the episode number function instead.

How does that work, is it Big Bang Theory 04 & not 7x04/s07e04 to be used?

Adding them here will only work if "filter matches original name instead of decoded name" is checked. This may be required for non-standard episode formats or dates.

I have no idea what that means, could someone please explain that

This is the minimum required to setup a favorite. The rest of the functions are extra features for more control of the automatic downloads.

Not: allows you to exclude certain strings from matching. An example is you don't want releases with AC3 audio and H.264: you can write *AC3*|*H*264|*x*264* in Not: to exclude those.

By default, torrents will automatically download to My Documents\Downloads. If you want the torrents to download to a specific folder, you must either specify a folder in Save in: or set a default download path in the "Directories" section of µTorrent's preferences.

As i have utorrent set up on the desktop with a ext hard drive, as it has 10 times more room than the C/ drive, while i'm on the laptop, i would like the filter to move them there, as i didnt need the filters before, as i had the torrents in a usb flash drive & opened up utorrent & dropped them into the box & manually put them in their own folders

Feed: chooses what feed you want the filter to apply to; either all of them or a specific one

Quality allows you choose various qualities to match against, or allow all. You can choose more than one quality in the dropdown list.

Episode number is to download only specific ep numbers, say to avoid releases of old episodes. It supports multiple formats. For example, to download only the first 12 episodes of season 1, type in 1x1-1x12 or 1x1-12. Or to download starting from episode 13 of season 1 and include all later seasons, type in 1x13-

"Don't start downloads automatically" will add any downloaded torrents in Stopped mode. They will be added to your list, but will not begin downloading until you choose them from the torrent list and start them.

I must check the feed i have to see if it's set like that, as i noticed today it didnt d/l until i r/clicked on the feed to update & then it proceeded to d/l

"Filter matches original name instead of decoded name" is so that you can match based off what the original name is in the feed (given in the Name column), instead of µTorrent's parsed result.

Same as above question above

Label for new torrents auto-sets a label for torrents that match the filter.

Is that the same when you've manually dropped the torrents into utorrent & want to label the seasons different from the other seasons?

I hope i've made this question a lot better, this time to understand.

Thanks for your time & patience.

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I came across this by accident as i found a https://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=140368 on the utorrent rss downloader & then set about trying it out myself & gonna post a pic to see if i've followed it right & let me know.


In the picture, i've followed the simple method, that rafi has outlayed in his link on post 15, as its already named the filter for me from r/clicking on the single feed.

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