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Tooltip auto hide


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I don't know how to classify it, is it's a "future request" or "fixing bug". But it's pretty annoying, when tooltip from "Name" column (far left column in my case) becomes permanent and covers all adjacent data from columns like "Size", "Done" "ETA", etc all the time. It always happens when the name of highlighted torrent is too long (quite frequent case).

There is a good reason why system-wide tooltips hide themselves from the screen after some predefined period of time. Why uTorrent doesn't obey that good practice and doesn't hide its tooltip similarly? Sorry, but I don't see any one reason...

Could you guys (I'm talking to uTorrent developers) please hide it after a while? Let say in a 10 sec. It's enough time to read what it tries to convey. But after that it should go. I need to watch other data from the same active (highlighted) row like e.g. ETA, downloaded percentage, etc. Unfortunately, now it could be permanently covered by tooltip and there is no way to get rid of it, but to move highlighting from that row to another one, making that second one active. But I need to keep watching the first torrent...

I think it's easy to implement and is quite expected by any users. And it will save them from frustration, they have now with that permanent tooltip.

Thank you in advance!

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