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Download Metadata function


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There are many more sites now that rely on magnet links.

Could we have a function somewhere (maybe in the context menu, ie right click menu, for the torrent list) to 'Download Metadata'.

It would Download the Metadata for any and all selected torrents that need it (and ONLY selected torrents, not all of them), and then revert those torrents to the state they were in before the user clicked this function (eg if it was Stopped then it reverts to Stopped after the metadata is downloaded, if it was Paused it reverts to Paused, if it was Queued it reverts to Queued, etc).

For a really good system I would suggest that after a certain period (eg 5 minutes?) it would time-out and revert even if it did not succeed, unlike if you Force Start it, or if it is the top torrent in the queued state, when it keeps trying.

The only slightly tricky thing would be what to revert to if the previous state was 'Download Metadata', but since that is currently part of, and the same as 'Queued' I would suggest it revert to Queued.

This is related to, but different from, https://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=135336

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