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Problem with downloads


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Hello all,

First off I'd just like to say this is my first post so bare with me.

I've been using utorrent for a few years now and its been working fine. I recently moved (on the 31st) and at first utorrent was working. But now only torrents from torrentday.com are working. At first I thought it was the trackers, as I was only able to use http trackers, not udp ones. And at first it was working as long as I used http trackers and not UDP ones.

But now torrents from TPB (The Pirate Bay) are not working at all. I can only download from TorrentDay and those that are familiar with it, know there is a limited selection.

The first time this problem happened, just after I moved I reinstalled it, and that seemed to temporarily fix it. But then after a little while it stopped working again.

Any Suggestions?


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