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RSS Downloader / Move Completed Torrents To


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Hi All

I'm just wondering if I am doing something wrong or if this isn't even possible.

Basically the situation is that I have a bunch of RSS feeds, with RSS Download options setup. In preferences under "Directories" there are the options "Put New Downloads In" & "Move Completed Downloads To"

On normal downloads that I start myself by manually adding a torrent, this works, the download is saved in a folder called "Incomplete" and as soon as its finished downloaded its moved to "Completed".

My issues is that with my RSS feed options, I want different feeds files to go to different "Completed" folders, you can set this in the RSS Download options using "Save In" settings for each Favourites filter. However with this it seems that utorrent saves the file into that "Save In" folder immediately as soon as its starts downloading, and thus there is a bunch of incomplete files in that folder.

Is there a way to set it up so that ALL torrents that are currently downloading are stored in the general "Incomplete" folder (set in Preferences -> Directories) and that when completed the RSS feed downloads are moved to their "Save In" folder as specified in RSS Download Favourites -> Filter Settings -> Save In??

Is this possible?


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