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my internet DVR


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I've read about various programs and scripts that people use to post process their torrents, but nothing was exactly what I wanted, so I wrote my own program. I want to briefly explain what it does in case anyone else would be interested in using it. If others are interested, I will type up a complete user guide. I'd also need to make it configurable as certain settings are hardcoded, such as the network location where completed torrents are moved, the email address that receives alerts, etc.

TV shows

I setup an RSS feed for each TV show I want to download. When a new show is added to the feed, it is automatically downloaded. Afterwards, my program is called which removes the torrent, renames the file to include the show, season, episode and title, moves it to a folder on my NAS for that show and season, and sends an email alert.

Sometimes you want to catch up on an old show, so will download an entire season in a single torrent. My utility works with that too... each file is renamed and moved.

I added "Keep at most" functionality, in case you only want to keep X episodes of a show. For example, I only want the last 3 episodes of The Soup. If I already have 3, and a 4th is downloaded, the oldest episode is moved to a "deleted" folder. The "deleted" folder will accumulate to a set size limit, after which point the oldest files are actually deleted.


After a movie download is complete, the torrent is removed, the movie file is renamed and moved to my NAS, and an email alert is sent.

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