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Rss smart feeds and the inconsistency of downloading


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So by browsing the forum I found out that RSS and the smart feed function is something a lot of people are having problem with. I changed from a Automatic+Transmission solution to utorrent because Automatic crashed to much for my taste and it looked nice to have everything in the same application.

This is my problem, the inconsistency. I create a filter with some shows using the same pattern and some shows get fetched and downloaded and some don't. I can't see where I have done something wrong. It doesn't make sense. The filter function seems pretty straight forward so there us not much room for user errors.

So you guys with the same problem, have you found a solution or is the RSS smart feed function just broken in Utorrent for Mac? (windows users don't have this problem, at least no one is complaining about it).

If this is a lost cause, what other solution is there besides Automatic?

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