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When using VPN, does it matter which country your server is in?


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Hi all,

I've seen posts elsewhere that recommend using servers located in certain countries when torrenting with a VPN. Canada, Netherlands, Romania etc. I'm wondering if anyone has any explanations as to why this would matter? I'm interested in privacy, obviously... I've read that some of these servers have open ports for torrenting, and I've also read that some of them are less susceptible to monitoring. So:

1. Privacy - any advantage to using a server in another country, if I'm in the US? My VPN keeps no logs (they claim, anyway)and traffic is encrypted, and they offer DNS leakage protection, IPV6 leakage protection, and and tools to guard against a torrent client broadcasting your real IP if the VPN drops. With all of this, is there a practical reason to NOT use a server in the US? (US servers are closest to me and so tend to be fastest).

2. Open port - this is mostly geared towards uploading, correct? I'd like to do my part... if anyone can share any info on this I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for any thoughts on the subject...

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