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uTorrent 1.8.4 and 10.9.1 hanging


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Hey All,

Let me start by saying, I used to the same set up in mountain lion 10.8.4 with no issues.

Having an issue with uTorrent getting "stuck" or "not responding" for several minutes 5 minutes, 10+ minutes or just plain crash when choosing a network folder for a new torrent. It'll just beach ball when I'm trying to choose or create a new folder for the torrent to be downloading into.

Network access is fine in finder and with other programs.

Any idea why this may be happening?

btw Happy Holidays! :-)

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My speeds are also low. They will start off high and then drop after about one minute. Sometimes it will jump back up.

Seems like a network or drive issue but I'm using the same drive and network as before.

Ports are open and green.


Looks like the HDD is going bad. Other HDD dl fine. This one breaks utorrent.

This whole thread can be deleted. Thanks

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