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Remove or disable Quick Launch option during install


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When installing uTorrent on Windows 7, the installation program wants to create a Quick Launch icon. This might be OK for Windows XP and Windows Vista, but Windows 7 does not have the Quick Launch toolbar.


I suggest that you either remove this option (i.e. it is not presented when Windows 7 system is detected during installation) or that you set the checkmark to off by default.

Following is an example (screenshot) of what this option looks like by default when installing a program called PeaZip (file manager and file archiver for Windows) on a Windows 7 system. The option is disabled by default.


I didn't know where to post this. I know it's not a "bug" per say. If this is the wrong forum, then move it to "feature request" forum or the "idea bank" or wherever you see fit.

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